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Has the keeping of your personal administrative records become a time-consuming and ungrateful task?

What wouldn’t you give for someone to take over this hassle and keep you informed at all times? That someone is dean. Dean is a private service with extensive experience in (international) financial and administrative services and therefore able to assist you in any way possible.


The objective for dean is to create peace of mind, by unburdening our clients. Our goal is to handle and structure your personal records, keeping them up-to-date at all times. Obviously, the records will remain at your disposal.


Your records are structured, monitored and timely managed. We will handle your in- and outgoing mail, monitor incoming invoices, payments and status of your assets and insurance policies. Naturally, all of this will happen in accordance with the arrangements made with you.


We are involved, integer and committed to our - and your - personal relationships. Moreover, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with all relevant corporate parties and other stakeholders.


You've got no mail!

Potentially the most important thing to an orderly record keeping is the handling of incoming and outgoing mail. You can bring this by our office, mail it to us or have the post office redirect your mail directly to us. We will handle, file and digitalise your mail while keeping you posted on all urgent, completed and ongoing matters.

Nothing to worry about!

Dean organizes and (re-)structures your personal records. This can be a one-time thing, where you take over once order has been restored or on a permanent basis. It will no longer require your direct attention, without ever losing in- and oversight.

No fuss!

Incident management: one-time activities or incidents that dean. will guide you through. An example of such activities is moving abroad in which we will not only assist, but also handle and settle all matters that require solving in The Netherlands. Dean takes away your worries.


When my husband died many things came up that I was not ready to deal with. Dean took over control of my records and set up a structured and manageable administration. Nowadays, the paperwork is back in my own hands, but I doubt if I could have managed this by myself.

Mevr. Arentsen

After my divorce was settled, I transferred all my records to dean. Doing so has enabled me to focus all my time on my children and my career, while dean keeps me informed on all administrative matters. This has been a great solution for me!

Tanja de Vries

I set up a company in Indonesia and after a few years we decided to go live there as well. However, we were very keen on keeping our house in Amsterdam. Last week we received word that there was a large spill that required immediate action. Fortunately, dean was able to fix my problem. It’s very convenient that dean can take care of such issues as well.

Johannes Verdoorn


Contact information

Jan Luijkenstraat 92 P/R

P.O. Box 75105

1070 AC Amsterdam

The Netherlands

+31 20 67 24 222



Uw persoonlijk secretaris.
Jan Luijkenstraat 92 P/R
P.O. Box: 75105
1070 AC
The Netherlands
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